The Global Archives Brazil Project began in April 2015, sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Arts and Sciences with additional support from patron donations. The German Literature Archive in Marbach together with the University of Cologne co-operates with research institutions and archives in Brazil to ensure that multilingual archive documents, particularly those relevant to a German-speaking context, are conserved, made accessible, and used for academic research.  

The project explores archive items and documents connected to German-speaking emigrants who lived in Brazilian exile. The German Literature Archive supports young scholars in indexing and making research collections held by the Instituto Martius-Staden and the Instituto Cultural Judaico Marc Chagall accessible. As part of this project, for instance, the documents left behind by Herbert Caro, one of the most important translators of German literature in Brazil, are currently being made available. Caro’s documents include letters to and from Thomas Mann, Lion Feuchtwanger, and Elias Canetti, among others.