Global Archives

Considering archives in the twenty-first century demands decentralized thinking and the introduction of multilateral solutions alongside traditional acquisition strategies. Global Archives focuses on the exchange of standards and expertise, while at the same time acknowledging and providing space for diverse local traditions. Progress with the indexing of archive holdings and research discoveries made within the framework of Global Archives are relevant for the humanities around the world. At the same time, exchanges between early-career scholars, along with support of work with local archive material, will strengthen international German Studies collaboration in partner countries.

The Global Archives initiative is dedicated to the uncovering and cataloguing of relevant German-language archive material throughout the world – so far in Israel, Brazil, Turkey, China and India. To this end, the German Literature Archive in Marbach is establishing research relationships with partners both in Germany and abroad.


Global Archives-Sektion „(Ibero-)Romanisch-Germanische ZwischenWelten“ beim Romanistentag in Zürich. Mehr

Übersetzerinnen und Übersetzer im Deutschen Literaturarchiv Marbach. Mehr

Griechenland: Forschungsüberblick zum deutschsprachigen Exil. Mehr

Auerbach-Bibliothek in Marbach. Mehr

Karl Kerényis ungarische Korrespondenzen. Mehr

Nachlass Egon Schwarz in Marbach. Mehr

Deutschsprachige Dokumente des Lasar Segall-Museums. Mehr

Bestände des Historischen Archivs der Hebräischen Universität Jerusalem 1918-1948. Mehr

Deutsch-jüdische Nachlässe in Israel. Mehr

Nachlass Herbert Moritz Caro. Mehr